Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Blue is the Warmest Color, 2013

La Vie d'Adèle, "The life of Adele", also known as Blue is the Warmest Color on the American version netflix. Before watching the movie, make sure to turn on your subtitles in your preferred language, (Unless you speak french, then congrats, you don't need annoying pop-up words at the bottom of your screen). This french film starts off with Adele, a 15 year old student living in Paris, studying french literature. In one of the first scenes, Adele passes by a short, blue haired woman on the street, and is suddenly attracted. She later starts to date a boy for a while but soon breaks it off after having conflicting feelings for her same sex. Throughout this romantic, coming-of-age movie, Adele ages and eventually graduates. Blue is the Warmest Color is easily one of the best movies i've watched. French films are always a great watch, yet at the same time, they sometimes go over the fine line of limits. This movie is extremely explicit and to be brutally honest, most of the scenes later in the movie are vivid sex scenes, A.K.A, (basically) pornography. If you know how uncomfortable it feels to be watching a movie with your parents and a sex scene just comes out of nowhere, then I'm sure you can imagine how uncomfortable I felt watching it alone. After breaking it off with the boy from school, Adele goes to a gay bar with her openly gay friend, Valentin, and reunites with the blue haired woman. They instantly connect and later become friends, who then soon become partners. Throughout the movie it shows the transformation of their relationship and how they really come to be.
Enjoy (:
My movie rate: 4.7 stars

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