Friday, April 17, 2015

Abduction of Eden, 2012

Abduction of Eden, 2012, a film pretty much self explanatory in its title. This thrilling movie about a 18 year old, Korean-American girl, living in New Mexico, is a solid 4.5 star movie. To me, sex-trafficking is a tremendous issue that is prominent in our every day life, and many times it goes unnoticed by the average bystander. Abduction of Eden is based on a true story which also adds an extra thrilling feel to the movie. The movie starts off bold, showing Hyune Jae, the protagonist of the story, in the trunk of a mans Chevrolet. The movie then moves back in time, to a week earlier, when Hyune Jae convinces her mother to go out with her friend Abby. Abby takes Hyune Jae to a bar who then meets a "nice looking man" and accepts a ride home from him. Now I'm sure you could guess what happens next, Jae is taken to a isolated location in the middle of the desert and eventually realizes she is part of a sex-trafficking ring. Although this movie is a great watch, it's definitely not made for everyone. This hair-raising story is an intense topic/issue and viewer discretion is advised. Over the next year, Jae, who is now re-named, Eden, turns 19 and slowly starts to understand the inner workings of the sex trade and knows she has little time before she is no longer needed. After convincing a co-owner, Vaughn, of this inhumane business that she can help him make more money, she is taken out of the field of sex and is given a job answering phone calls instead. At the end of the movie, Jae kills Vaughn, rescues her pregnant friend (who was her roommate at the warehouse), and finishes the film with an emotional scene calling her mother for the first time since her abduction. 
My movie rate: 4.5 stars

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  1. Chrystal I agree, human trafficking is a big issue. Looking forward to more reviews.