Thursday, May 14, 2015

Lords of Dogtown, 2005

Lords of Dogtown, 2005 is a biographical drama film based in Venice Beach, California, (and if you know me well), this is definitely a movie made for my preference. Basically the plot of this film is the story of the coming and making of the newest skateboard, a cruiser, making the rider feel the same carves on flat ground as a surf board does on the waves. The main characters  Stacy PeraltaTony Alva, and Jay Adams, or also known as Z-Boys, gain fame by going into skate competitions with a local skate store known as Zephyr Skate Shop. As droughts hit California, and a wave of heat swarms the Golden State, allowing the boys to sneak into peoples backyards and use the empty pools to skate in. This movie is not only a true story but it has multiple varieties of characters and plot twists that keep your mind engaged on the screen till the very end. I would only recommend this movie to someone who might be interested in surfing and skating. So pretty much what I'm saying is, if surfing and skate doesn't pertain to your interests, I wouldn't suggest watching it. Although this movie is mainly about surfing and skating, it contains scenes of hardships throughout the families and friends. Ending the film in the boys great success to fame and where they are now. 

My Movie Rate: 4.5 stars

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Ask Me Anything, 2014

FINALLY. A movie to roast about.
Ask Me Anything, the 2014, (fortunately) short, 98 minute film, surprisingly starring greats actors and actresses was a BAD MOVIE. Katie, the lead role, was a fantastic actress, except for the fact that she over dramatized every. single. little. thing. In some scenes she would impress me and make me think differently of her acting, but as soon as the next scene hit her, my thoughts went directly back to the original idea of her acting. Basically this movie is about young Katie, who just graduated and is taking a year off before going into college, because she simply, "doesn't know exactly what she wants to study," although in secrecy, she didn't take the gap year to figure out her place in the world, yet she took a gap year for a man. Throughout the year, she begins to chronicle her romantic and sexual life on her very own anonymous blog. As the movie moves forward, her "lover", also known as the man she skipped college for, moves away to an apartment 30 minutes away from where Katie lives, leaving Katie with a heartbreak and a search for a job. Now not only was the plot of this movie a terrible idea, but the actors most definitely didn't connect well. I can agree that the actors are terrific actors in general, yet they just didn't suit to the customs of this movie, which made the film very fishy and off in a way. All in all, I would not recommend this movie for your lonely Saturday night.

My movie rate: 2 stars

Blue is the Warmest Color, 2013

La Vie d'Adèle, "The life of Adele", also known as Blue is the Warmest Color on the American version netflix. Before watching the movie, make sure to turn on your subtitles in your preferred language, (Unless you speak french, then congrats, you don't need annoying pop-up words at the bottom of your screen). This french film starts off with Adele, a 15 year old student living in Paris, studying french literature. In one of the first scenes, Adele passes by a short, blue haired woman on the street, and is suddenly attracted. She later starts to date a boy for a while but soon breaks it off after having conflicting feelings for her same sex. Throughout this romantic, coming-of-age movie, Adele ages and eventually graduates. Blue is the Warmest Color is easily one of the best movies i've watched. French films are always a great watch, yet at the same time, they sometimes go over the fine line of limits. This movie is extremely explicit and to be brutally honest, most of the scenes later in the movie are vivid sex scenes, A.K.A, (basically) pornography. If you know how uncomfortable it feels to be watching a movie with your parents and a sex scene just comes out of nowhere, then I'm sure you can imagine how uncomfortable I felt watching it alone. After breaking it off with the boy from school, Adele goes to a gay bar with her openly gay friend, Valentin, and reunites with the blue haired woman. They instantly connect and later become friends, who then soon become partners. Throughout the movie it shows the transformation of their relationship and how they really come to be.
Enjoy (:
My movie rate: 4.7 stars

Friday, April 17, 2015

Abduction of Eden, 2012

Abduction of Eden, 2012, a film pretty much self explanatory in its title. This thrilling movie about a 18 year old, Korean-American girl, living in New Mexico, is a solid 4.5 star movie. To me, sex-trafficking is a tremendous issue that is prominent in our every day life, and many times it goes unnoticed by the average bystander. Abduction of Eden is based on a true story which also adds an extra thrilling feel to the movie. The movie starts off bold, showing Hyune Jae, the protagonist of the story, in the trunk of a mans Chevrolet. The movie then moves back in time, to a week earlier, when Hyune Jae convinces her mother to go out with her friend Abby. Abby takes Hyune Jae to a bar who then meets a "nice looking man" and accepts a ride home from him. Now I'm sure you could guess what happens next, Jae is taken to a isolated location in the middle of the desert and eventually realizes she is part of a sex-trafficking ring. Although this movie is a great watch, it's definitely not made for everyone. This hair-raising story is an intense topic/issue and viewer discretion is advised. Over the next year, Jae, who is now re-named, Eden, turns 19 and slowly starts to understand the inner workings of the sex trade and knows she has little time before she is no longer needed. After convincing a co-owner, Vaughn, of this inhumane business that she can help him make more money, she is taken out of the field of sex and is given a job answering phone calls instead. At the end of the movie, Jae kills Vaughn, rescues her pregnant friend (who was her roommate at the warehouse), and finishes the film with an emotional scene calling her mother for the first time since her abduction. 
My movie rate: 4.5 stars

Friday, April 10, 2015

Electrick Children, 2012

Electrick Children (No, I did not spell Electric wrong), the story of a 15 year old girl living in a Mormon community located in Utah is easily one of the most extravagant movies I have watched. Not only did the writer create plot twists but didn't create what most, all time, greatest movies lack, is predictability. At the very beginning of the film, Rachel (the protagonist), seems to impregnate herself with the song "Hanging on The Telephone" by The Nerves, coming from a cassette, in which she has never heard or seen before. Now, I'm sure many of you have been stuck in movies where you say to yourself, "He's going to save the day, win the girl, and happily ever after." This isn't one of those cases. This story is the total opposite of predictable. Although this movie is a valuable watch, it doesn't match up a lot of times. For example, into the intro of the movie, Rachel is never seen participating in sexual activity that could lead to getting herself pregnant. She somehow becomes magically pregnant, which is why most of the movie doesn't add up. As soon as Rachel is officially pronounced pregnant, her father blames Rachel's brother, Mr. Will, for getting Rachel pregnant and kicks him out of the family. He also announces Rachel's arranged marriage explaining that she would be getting married the next day. With this news of marriage, Rachel flees that night into Vegas to search for the father of her child, A.K.A the lead singer of The Nerves. From there the story takes place, leaving you with plenty of plot twists to blow your mind.
My Movie Rate: 4 Stars

Sunday, April 5, 2015

What "Giving the Bad Movies a Chance" Really Means

It's Saturday Night, you have no plans. What do you do? You scrimmage through Netflix titles to try and find a good movie so you can redeem your Saturday night.
Here's the problem, Netflix seems to be missing a "few" (and by a few I mean most) of the best and most valuable movies ever created.
Yet I've come to realize, if you look hard enough, you will find yourself watching a 4 star rated movie that actually suits you and makes you think, "wow, I could of sworn this movie would've sucked."
Now, I have come to you, to help you on your journey on finding the right movie, in the quickest and easiest way possible, so you don't have to move a muscle.
I will be watching a random movie once a week off of Netflix, and will deliver the review and details of this movie directly onto this blog.