Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Ask Me Anything, 2014

FINALLY. A movie to roast about.
Ask Me Anything, the 2014, (fortunately) short, 98 minute film, surprisingly starring greats actors and actresses was a BAD MOVIE. Katie, the lead role, was a fantastic actress, except for the fact that she over dramatized every. single. little. thing. In some scenes she would impress me and make me think differently of her acting, but as soon as the next scene hit her, my thoughts went directly back to the original idea of her acting. Basically this movie is about young Katie, who just graduated and is taking a year off before going into college, because she simply, "doesn't know exactly what she wants to study," although in secrecy, she didn't take the gap year to figure out her place in the world, yet she took a gap year for a man. Throughout the year, she begins to chronicle her romantic and sexual life on her very own anonymous blog. As the movie moves forward, her "lover", also known as the man she skipped college for, moves away to an apartment 30 minutes away from where Katie lives, leaving Katie with a heartbreak and a search for a job. Now not only was the plot of this movie a terrible idea, but the actors most definitely didn't connect well. I can agree that the actors are terrific actors in general, yet they just didn't suit to the customs of this movie, which made the film very fishy and off in a way. All in all, I would not recommend this movie for your lonely Saturday night.

My movie rate: 2 stars